Interweave Yarn Fest Part 1

Hey everyone!

We finally had a chance to sit down and talk to Rachel about her amazing trip to Interweave Yarn Fest 2016!

AST: We are so excited to hear about your trip! So, first of all, how was the flight? I know you were a little nervous flying by yourself.

Rachel: The flight was better than expected… smooth take off and landings, and I was super worried for nothing. Kudos to my flight crews, both times!

AST: Good. And the big thing we worried about, did you have any trouble getting your needles through security?

Rachel: No trouble at all. I traveled with my wood knitters Pride and Knit Picks needles and cables and all sorts of accessories. No red flags from TSA!

AST: And after all that, did you actually get to any knitting on the plane?

Rachel: Sadly no, the flights were very full, and I was so tired and so nervous on the way out, I just didn’t get to it, and on the way back, my brain was on overload, so I thought it best to let it rest.

AST: That’s probably a good idea. So, what was the first night like? How was your hotel? Did you make any friends?

Rachel: The first night was rough. I was so over excited to finally be there, and yet forced to wait for things to actually get going in the morning! I arrived before my roommate, and we still hadn’t actually met yet! The hotel was beautiful! The Embassy Suites and Conference Center is HUGE and amazing! Everything was so clean, they had a great staff, and even good food! They served breakfast each morning and had healthy lunch options! As for friends, where to start…my roommate Michele for one, I met her on Ravelry and then in person at the Fest. Sally, who took me into to town for a quick trip for a gift for the hubby, and Niki with the sunset hair…Basically everyone I met was awesome, and I hope to see them all again at another fest!

AST: Wonderful! Okay, we’re all itching to know. What was the market like?

Rachel: In one word, sensory overload! There were so many fibers there that I’m not used to seeing on the East Coast, like Bison, Yak, and something called Raumbulet! Also available were some custom yarns like Annie Modesitt’s’ ModeKnits. The market place was full every day with both attendees and instructors alike, along with many locals just coming for the day to get in some purchases. The booths were all well organized, and well stocked. It was amazing.

AST: Super Jealous. Okay, so on to the real reason you were there. How many classes did you take and what were they?

Rachel: I had a full schedule of 8 workshops! (No wonder my brain hurts!) I took: Combination Knitting, 2 Pattern Double Knitting, Multi-color Double Knitting, Introduction to Brioche, Shadow (or illusion) Knitting, Mosaic Knitting, 2 Socks in 1: the War and Peace method, and Ply Splitting!

AST: Wow! So many classes! Alright folks, we’ll wrap it up here for now. Tune in next week to hear more about the classes Rachel took, her favorite moments, and something else a little extra special!

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