It’s Pi Day!


It’s Pi Day!!

Yes, many people celebrate with delicious pie today, and there are even Pi pie dishes, but today we’re bringing you some great Pi Day knitting patterns.

A Pi pie plate

Pi Day

On to the patterns!

If you are more into numbers, here’s a few different scarves that allow you to express your love for Pi numerically.

The Irrational Scarf is an illusion of your love, but Pi Digits is a little more solid, with it’s beautiful double knit

There’s also the Irrational Skirt, which is quite fantastic.

If your love for Pi is a little more symbolic, here’s a few patterns to show how you really feel.

Pi Party Illusion Cloth is perfect for serving up your pie, but you can also wear your love with these great Pi Mitts, or this Ode to Pi hat.

Last but not least, if you’d like something a little more visual, there’s the Easy as Pie blanket, which looks quite cozy.

So enjoy your Pi day with whatever kind of Pie you like, and feel free to wear Pi too!

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