Show Your Love With Yarn!

It’s that time of year again, where everything is covered in hearts and roses. Everything in the stores becomes pink, red, and white. Love is in the air. That’s right folks, Valentine’s Day is coming.

As much as we all love being showered in chocolates, sometimes a giant bouquet of roses just isn’t in the budget. So how else can you show love an affection for your significant other? You can make them something!

Now, only you know what makes your honey happy, but here are some suggestions to get your wheels turning.

Listen to them.

Have they been asking for something specific? Like a pair of socks, or a hat? Maybe they’re asking for something crazy, like a sweater, or a blanket for their King Size bed. Why are you hesitating? Do you think it’ll be too hard? It’s not, and you might learn something. It’s expensive? It might be, but unless it’s all the same color, you can buy parts of it when you have the money. Just try to get all of what you’ll need for one color at a time. This way, you won’t have to worry about dye lots or suddenly a color being discontinued. It’s going to take forever? Maybe, but let them know that. They’ll understand, and help keep you motivated. I knit my hubby the Dr Who Scarf, and I think it took me like 2 years to knit it, but I finished it because I knew it would make him really happy, even though it was really boring for me. Now he wears it every winter. In fact, it’s the only scarf he wears, and it makes me really happy to see him enjoying it so much.

Let them help.

Maybe they’ve been bugging you to knit them a sweater, but you have no idea what they want. Let them help you! They know what they want, even if they can’t explain it. Take them with you when you go to buy the yarn, or let them help you pick it out online. Let them look through patterns, or pick a few and let them choose. Maybe they want a blanket. Make a date out of it. Discuss the blanket over lunch – do they want stripes? Patches? All one color with a pretty stitch pattern? Then go to the yarn shop and pick out the yarns together. You’ll both be happier, and it’s a lot of fun to see what your partner would put together compared to what you’d put together. You can also check out this really awesome Random Stripe Generator, if stripes is your game.

It doesn’t have to be big.

Sometimes, we get overwhelmed thinking we need to make something big and complicated to show others how much we care, but that’s rarely the case. I’ve knit my hubby more hats than anything else because it’s what he likes to wear. If that’s what makes him happy, than that’s what I’ll keep making him. He is only requirements are the fit (he likes them on the snug side) and “neutral colors,” but even that’s negotiable.
Maybe they just need a coaster for their desk at work, or a cozy for their favorite coffee cup. Maybe they’d like a pair of boot cuffs to wear with their favorite boots. Maybe they love to read, and you could make them a nice book mark. There are tons of tiny things you can make them that will show them that not only do you care, but that you understand them. And every time they use that thing, they’ll think of you. Check out Ravelry or Pinterest for ideas!

This doesn’t just apply to your significant other.

Due to the over-commercialization of this holiday, we believe that the only way to impress your love is to get them something sparkly, and expensive, but that’s just not true. What about all the other people in your life that you love?! You can’t get everyone diamonds for Valentine’s Day

What about Grandma, who loves to bake? A nice, thick pot holder would be great. (Just be sure to use a natural fiber like wool or cotton, as synthetics tend to melt and could cause serious injury if accidentally left somewhere too hot!) Maybe your sister would like a cute pair of slippers that look like Mary-Janes, and your brother a hat with something from his favorite fandom

Maybe you do want to give them something nice, or some chocolates. You can make the wrapping, instead of buying something they’re just going to toss, like this cute little bag here
And maybe, just maybe, instead of buying them something, you can give them what they really want, which is just some time with you. And maybe, just for a little bit, you can put down the needles or the hook, and really be there with them. Just for a little bit. Your project will still be there later.

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