Winter Warmth And Unfinished Projects

We survived! As some of you may have heard, New Jersey got slammed with a blizzard this weekend. Not knowing whether we’d get 2 inches or the predicted 2 feet, we picked up the last few essentials from the store (they were out of hot chocolate, and I was very sad) before barricading ourselves inside to stay warm. Thankfully, we did not lose power or get flooded, but we did get to spend most of the weekend together. It was nice to be snuggled in with Netflix on the TV, warm food in our bellies, and hand-made comforts everywhere. Snuggled under my warm woolies, I began to think, as I am wont to do, about more knitting and the kinds of things I like to make.

I am a dedicated yarn crafter, a die-hard advocate for hand-made goodies, covered in love (and maybe cat hair), but as I surveyed the living room from my little corner of wooly paradise, I made a realization. I may have a problem. From my corner, I can see a barely started cup cozy, a baby sweater with just a few rows done, and not one, but two shawls on the needles. That’s just what I can see…in this room. I can think of at least two unfinished projects lurking in the bedroom, and I lost count of the unfinished projects in the “started” bucket months ago. I’m holding a newly cast-on pair of fingerless gloves, albeit these were at the husband’s request.

I may have an incurable case of Startitis.

There. I said it.

For those of you not in the know, Startitis is a condition that affects mostly knitters and crocheters, although anyone can fall subject to this disease. Its symptoms include the undeniable urge to begin a new project even when there are several projects begun (and unfinished) and the need to procure new supplies to begin new projects, even when there are already several projects that are fully supplied and unstarted.

I’ve managed to keep this second symptom at bay, but mostly because my stash is, well, we don’t talk about it. Let’s just say it has its own room. It’s the first symptom I can’t seem to get in check. I mean, I try and I try, (and I try and I try) but there are so many lovely patterns floating around the internet that I just want to make them all and if I don’t cast them on right now, then how am I going to remember that I want to make them?!

I looked over at my husband, who was snuggling our baby girl. She wasn’t going to get any smaller. If I wanted her to wear that sweater, I had better get a move on. The mitts in my hand weren’t going to knit themselves, and winter was half over! They deserve finished knits!

“I can do this!” I said aloud.

“I know you can,” Hubby replied, a little confused, but supportive. “I have faith in you.”

I smiled, and continued on the mitts. Yeah, I can do this. I can totally do this! I’ll finish all the projects I’ve started before I cast on any new ones! One project at a time. Or maybe just one big one and one small one. Or maybe if I finish two projects, then I can cast on just a little one…

xoxo Stevie

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