It’s Never Too Hot To Craft

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Hey Stringers!


I don’t know about you, but it definitely feels like summer around here. With temps scorching in the 90’s, and heat indexes over 100, we’re eating a lot of salad. But, when it’s not hot enough to melt your face off, we have been enjoying the long summer days. In between all that time waiting around for the burgers to grill, the sun to set, and the lightning bugs to come out, I am getting a lot of knitting and crocheting done. I’ve been working on…  


I’m sorry, did I hear someone in the back say it was too hot to knit?


It is never to hot to knit. I’ll say it again for those in the back. IT’S NEVER TOO HOT TO KNIT. OR CROCHET.


I’ll let you grillers have some space. It’s not exactly safe to knit directly over an open flame (even though wool is technically considered fire retardant and cotton makes great pot holders). And I’ll give you in-pool-loungers a break because crocheting while you’re actually in the pool probably isn’t the best idea. Even if you put your yarn in a water-tight container, kids will be kids, and, come on, splashing is fun. But what about the rest of you? You pool-side loungers? You sun-bathers? What’s your excuse?


It’s too big. It’s too heavy. I don’t want all that sitting in my lap. Waah, waah, waah.  


Excuses no more! Here are several easy, light, fun projects to keep your needles and hooks going without you breaking a sweat*.


*From these projects. I can’t prevent you sweating if it’s hot outside. Drink some water. Lots of water. Seriously. Dehydration is AWFUL. Go ahead. Ask me how I know.  


Bracelets – Seriously, how could you go wrong here?! Stash busting, blingy (or not), there are hundreds of options to choose from! Here are a few of my favs.

Pretty Twisted is actually 3 knit bracelets that are super cute and are a great way to use funky buttons. 

This little treasure is a bracelet that doubles as a bookmark. How genius is that?! 

The Treasure Box Bracelet is a great way to use up fun buttons or other crazy trinkets you may have hanging around.

Wrap Bracelets are super trendy right now, and this one lets you customize everything about it!

And finally this adorable Granny Square Bracelet. C’mon. Mini. Granny. Squares.


Drink Covers – Hydration is super critical during the hot summer months, so keeping your drink protected and close by is really helpful.

The beautiful Carla Bottle Holder keeps your drink close by and is absolutely darling. But sometimes you need something a little more… interesting, perhaps, than just plain old water. And typically those beverages come in a can.

Well, No Bees in My Beer will do just that, keep bees out of your beer, or any other canned beverage for that matter!

If you prefer a straw in your reusable cup, you eco-minded hippie, (That’d be me too, so you’re in good company) you may be more inclined to this adorable straw protector. I’m sure the flower can be left off for some of our more subtle eco-minded recyclers (ahem *me* cough cough). There are a ton more patterns out there, from basic sleeves to full on covers. I’m sure you’ll find something.


Freezie Pop Covers – Freeze Pops, Ice Pops, Whatever you called them…  I am so glad I’m not the only person who hated the fact that I froze my fingers off eating these things. Notice I didn’t say “kiddie fingers.” Yes, I still eat these as an adult, and no I can’t explain why. And yes, I still get mad when someone else eats all of my favorite color. </end rant>

Now, don’t ask me why I didn’t figure this out myself… I lie awake every night asking myself the same question. Anyway, there are tons of variations, from your favorite characters to light sabers, and mermaid tails, and… and I don’t care. This is the basic pattern. You’re smart. Get crafty. Use felt. And fabric glue. Figure it out. 


You can also find a bunch of fun patterns on our Pinterest Board Summer Fun including crochet water balloons, stuffed animals, and sandals from flip flops!! Check it out!


I’ll check in and show you how some of these have been coming out for me.


Catch ya later, Alligator!


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