Freebie Friday – Scarfy Come Home

Hey guys! It’s #FreebieFriday, and I think I found the perfect project for this week.

Scarf PatternOn #TipTuesday, we talked about “leaped stitches” or Yarn Overs. On #ThankfulThursday, I talked about how I’m excited for Spring to come, but we’re not out of Winter quite yet, so I found this for you.

Scarfy Come Home is a brilliant scarf from SpillyJane. It uses one skein, uses yarn overs to make the pretty lacy bits, but isn’t complicated and the pattern is easy to memorize. You’ll be able to finish it before Winter ends, but it’s light enough that you can wear it through early Spring too.

Feel free to share pictures of your Scarfy with us on Facebook!

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