I Can Tell That We Are Gunna Be Friends…

Have you ever gone into a yarn store and been really frustrated because you just can’t find what you’re looking for? It happens to us all the time. You like the color of this yarn, but the softness of that one, and the loft of another. Enter Udesignityarns.com, the most amazing thing to happen to yarn crafters since…well, since yarn!

Udesignityarns.com is an amzing company that allows you to design your own yarn. Yeah, you read that correctly. You get to choose what fibers go into it, what colors you want, what percentages, what weight you want (like thin sock yarn or bulky), and even how many plys! I mean, seriously! These people are amazing! And, we have even more exciting news than that!

Remember last week how we briefly talked about Rachel’s amazing yarn that she won? That super fantastic blend of Bamboo, Silk, and Recycled Sari Silk? Well, A String Thing is proud to announce that…

Udesignityarns.com will be producing Rachel’s yarn exclusively for us for you to get your hands on, and we are able to start taking Pre-Orders for it!

I wish you could jump up and down with us; we’re so excited. We can take a 50% deposit to get started, but we do need enough interest to get an order together. Send us a message either here or on our Facebook page if you are interested, and we’ll let you know what to do. Stevie will also have a yarn of her own, but she’s still in the designing process. As soon as her yarn is ready, we’ll let you all know.

We are so excited to be working with such an amazing company that offers their customers the same kind of variety that we are looking to offer our customers through the wide variety of high quality fibers they offer.

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