Why Good Yarn Is So Important

Hey guys, Stevie here.

I’ve been on a serious mission lately to declutter everything in my life, including my crafting stash. Last Friday, I got rid of 3 large trash bags of yarn. Now, before you start sending me angry emails, when I say got rid of, I mean donated to a good cause. They were all yarns I didn’t want to use anymore. I made a choice in my life that I only want to work with the best I can afford, and you should too. Let me explain why.

When a person decides they want to learn to knit or crochet, they usually buy the cheapest yarn and hook or needle with the logic that if they don’t like it, they’ve only wasted a few dollars. Although I can understand this logic, I have a problem with this. Part of the joy of the craft is how the yarn feels running through your fingers, how the needles feel in your hand, and how they interact with each other. If you bought cheap, sticky needles, and cheap sticky yarn, how on earth are you going to know if you love it when all you have is a cheap, sticky mess?

Now, I’m not saying that you need to go out and buy really expensive needles and the most expensive yarn you can find, because then you’ll never touch it in fear of messing it up. What I am saying is buy the best that you can afford.

Look at the needles. Which ones do you think you’ll like best? To be honest, I don’t like most bamboo needles. I know a lot of knitters who use bamboo needles exclusively. I just don’t like them. I like either metal or hard woods. I’ve also discovered I really like square needles, but the normal round needles that have been used for thousands of years are perfectly fine too. I’ve yet to find a plastic needle I like, but the Knitter’s Pride Marblz are on my list to try.

Feel the yarn. What feels nice in your hand? If you are an absolute beginner, find something soft, but smooth. No fluffy yarns or crazy textures. Not yet. Those will come soon. But you’ll want to see what you’re doing first. Find a color you love, no matter how obnoxious it may seem. If you love it, Love It! There’s nothing wrong with that! Rachel’s yarn, which is available for pre-order (just send us a message through our contact us page for details!) would be perfect for a beginner!

You may be really excited to get started and just grab the first thing you lay your hands on, but I promise you, if you take a few minutes to really think about what you want, you’ll be much happier with your result.

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