WIP Wednesday – Null Hypothesis

This WIP Wednesday we’re presenting Rachel’s Null Hypothesis!

This crazy looking monstrosity is certainly a mind bender. The pattern description calls it “A six-foot long double-knit scarf with a non-repeating Mad Science themed pattern – but you don’t have to be crazy to knit this (or do you…?)” and we think you might be, but only a little bit.

Rachel is knitting it slightly larger than the pattern calls for in KnitPicks Shine Sport in  Black and Macaw. This is probably a good thing since her recipient is just about 6 feet tall himself, so having the scarf be a little larger will suit him. Here’s a link for the Null Hypothesis, the and it’s worth every penny. The Ladies of Mischief have an amazing collection of patterns in their book, Needles and Artifice.

We’ll be sure to post updates on this, as it starts to really show up and get interesting.

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