Thankful Thursday – Excellent Customer Service

It’s #ThankfulThursday and today we are thankful for great customer service! It is amazing how good customer service can make such impression on you. Think of your favorite store or restaurant. Why do you keep going back there? Chances are, customer service is a part of it.

Knitter’s Pride is one of our favorite companies, and this encounter is just one reason why. Rachel was busy working on that Null Hypothesis scarf, and her Karbonz needle broke! Well the needle didn’t break (that’s practically impossible since they’re made from carbon fiber), but the cable detached from the needle.

All knitting completely stopped. She’s knitting flat on circulars because the cable holds the stitches and helps ease up on the weight on the needles, and double knitting can get pretty heavy. Another great advantage is you never have to look for the other needle. I hate it when you drop other needle, especially when knitting in a moving vehicle!

Thankfully, Knitter’s Pride stands behind their products 100%. Usually you can just go back to where you bought the needle and get your replacement with no problems. Unfortunately for Rachel, this particular needle was a gift, so there wasn’t anyone to go back to to exchange it.

So, she emailed them. After a few exchanges and pictures of the detached cable, a replacement needle was on it’s way! Air mail is slower than snail mail, and customs can take forever, but the replacement arrived, on Tuesday in fact, just in time to show off the WIP for yesterday and be super thankful for it today as knitting resumed!

So, thank you Knitter’s Pride, for offering amazing customer service. I know we’ll be loyal!

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