WIP Wednesday – Loving This Project

Hey Guys,

Heart StringsIt’s WIP Wednesday, and I have a little treat for you.

I needed a break from some of my bigger projects, so I decided to start something small. I wanted something useful, but also cutesy. I think I’m being influenced by all the strange weather and commercials for jewelry.

The yarn is a mystery fiber from my stash. I think I got it at a yard sale or a thrift store. It’s a pretty marl – meaning threads twisted together – of reds and pinks.

Croched SquareI was playing around with this cute heart pattern, and made this little guy. Took me, I don’t know, like 5 minutes. This pattern is like potato chips, or pistachios. And a great stash buster! I think I need to make some more, so he’s not lonely. Maybe in different colors. Also not technically a WIP.

But I have enough that I want to make something a little bigger, so here’s the start. This is a WIP.

I’ll post again when I figure out what it is.

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